The good and the bad of 10x, rockstar, superstar, or 100x developers


When employing developers, as a company you will always strive to get the best. There has never been a more significant trend to employ senior developers with great experience who could lead projects and teams like they’re a piece of cake. Finding that unicorn of a developer is like finding the pot of gold at […]

Igloo small talk – Mateo

Frontend Developer

Dive into our latest employee interview and meet Mateo, our Frontend Developer. From how he started this career, what he loves about it, to some advice for younger generations, explore what his work life is like. Tell us who you are and what you do in Deegloo. I’m Mateo, a Frontend Developer at Deegloo. In […]

How to manage essential and accidental software complexity in development

software complexity

In the sea of software possibilities and new requirements, user needs are becoming harder and harder to fulfill without introducing some complexity. Behind every friendly user interface is a web of expertly crafted code. But that code didn’t come alive without processes and certain software complexity, to begin with.  We can, of course, expect some […]

Igloo small talk – Gabriela

senior developer

Let’s explore our newest interview with Gabriela, our senior developer. From what made her fall in love with programming to her favorite songs and shows, discover everything about her work in Deegloo. Tell us who you are and what you do in Deegloo. My name is Gabriela, and I am a senior developer here at […]

Can we talk about the technical debt quadrant?

technical debt

Technical debt. A term you all are all too well familiar with. And in the course of your career, you might’ve encountered some form of it or the other. Often, software development comes with its hangups and quick fixes appear as the best solution for them. But, as we all know, quick fixes are not […]

Igloo small talk – Valentina

marketing manager

We dive deep into the interview with our Marketing Manager Valentina. From the worst to the best part of her work, we discover what makes her tick and what inspires her in work. Tell us who you are and what you do in Deegloo. My name is Valentina and I’m the Marketing Manager for Deegloo […]

Not even the rain could stop us @ Job Fair

job fair

If the weather is anything to go by, we can with 100% certainty say that Job Fair doesn’t always have the mercy of weather gods. Last year we got scorched because of the hot or “lit” atmosphere. And this year, we swam through the rain and floods to get to our booth. But we are […]

Roadmap to requirements elicitation

requirements elicitation

It’s so fortunate that you’re starting your project and you came across this blog post. Well, let us take you on a rather interesting journey of requirements elicitation. Even though the name suggests something complex, if approached correctly, it can be the best building block for the software development process. We all know that each project […]

Scope creep and gold plating – the death of projects

scope creep

No, we are not talking about a peeping Tom. Scope creep might sound like it, but trust us, it’s a completely different thing (we hope). It’s something that happens regularly in software development projects and can send even the best-laid plans into a tailspin. Even in agile projects, scope creep can rear its head, even […]

Are you being killed by context switching and interruptions

context switching

In a world full of interruptions, how do you stay focused? How do you minimize noise and create your productive bubble? Well, you might think it’s simple, but it’s becoming harder and harder to do so, especially in work environments. You come to work, power your computer, and start opening tabs, apps, and others. First, […]