Igloo small talk – Iva

QA - Iva

Our team members are most important to us. So, in this interview we want you to meet Iva, our QA Engineer. We decided to dive into the QA world and learn a bit more about Iva. Tell us who you are and what you do in Deegloo. I am a QA Engineer and my job […]

Domain knowledge – why do you need it in software development?

domain knowledge

Domain knowledge is defined as knowledge of a certain specialized field, discipline, or profession. It means that a person has in-depth knowledge in one specific area as opposed to general knowledge. In business, this means that a person has knowledge of a specific industry or field relevant to their role. But often, domain knowledge doesn’t […]

Why is a rushed or bad code the wrong option?

rushed or bad code

The thing with software development is that you’re always on a schedule. Any development project has a time frame, and it’s expected of it to be finished on time. But project estimates vary and each new change will affect time spent on development. In an ideal world, developers have the time and peace to write […]

Igloo small talk – Lovro

android developer

We love introducing our team members to the world, especially young and aspiring ones like Lovro, our Android developer. With a couple of questions, we set off to find out more about him and what he loves about his work. Tell us who you are and what you do in Deegloo. I’m Lovro Kerečeni, Android […]

A (marketing) perspective on developing a new website and identity


We’ve created a new Deegloo website and decided to modernize and change a bit of our identity. In the course of six months, this was the second one we’ve pushed out. The first one being Digital Poirots, a project where we introduced our brand related to data. How did we start? The whole website design […]

Igloo small talk – Ivan

Small talk in the Igloo - Ivan

During our workday, we love to find time for some small talk to find out more about each other. Learning fun facts is how we develop a sense of community. Also, by understanding what drives us in our work, we can focus on making the most out of it. So, we decided to share who […]

A quick guide for an optimal supply chain

The supply chain is one of the most important functions of any organization. It doesn’t matter what your core business is, purchasing and delivering resources to your customers or your doorstep is inevitable in your daily operations. With the world filled with innovations and creative solutions, it’s important to carefully select those that will support […]

How to approach leading your business into a tech era

The tech era has been long underway. And it has been so for decades. Old school is no longer in session. But there are new ways for businesses to step into the next generation of top companies that truly utilize the opportunities technology has to offer. Nowadays, keeping up with all market changes is daunting […]

Future-proof your business with enterprise solutions

Why enterprise solutions? There’s a fairly simple answer to that. Because you want to optimize and protect your business and its processes. A market is a risky place. Your success depends on so many micro and macro factors that sometimes you can’t control them all.  So, to help with managing uncertainties and risks, many tools […]