Igloo small talk – Ivan

Small talk in the Igloo - Ivan

During our workday, we love to find time for some small talk to find out more about each other. Learning fun facts is how we develop a sense of community. Also, by understanding what drives us in our work, we can focus on making the most out of it. So, we decided to share who […]

We survived Job Fair at FER

Job Fair at FER was held on May 11th and 12th, and like any other company that works in software development and data, we had to be there.  It was the hottest place to be (literally and figuratively). Being there was a great opportunity to present our companies, Deegloo and Digital Poirots, and make connections […]

What Are We Reading – World Book Day

April 23rd is dedicated to World Book Day. And it’s a day where we celebrate literature and everything it offers. Whether it is for educational, professional, or private purposes, books are the source of knowledge, imagination, and ideas. They allow us to enter various worlds, have different adventures, and learn about things and people across […]