How can Marketing and Sales benefit from a solid software solution?

How can Marketing and Sales benefit from a solid software solution?

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It’s been obvious that in the last decade or so, businesses can’t rely on old-school methods. With the technology revolution taking a front seat, it is imperative for businesses to follow. In our minds, we still think of softwares as a must and not as an advantage. Companies are aware that nowadays you have to have great web and mobile solutions to reach your customers and clients or to have certain software that connects your business processes. But, it is often forgotten that you can benefit from those solutions internally as well. Many employees could use digital solutions that will make their work easier and more efficient. You can increase productiveness by investing in solutions that are tailored to their needs and their field of work.

Benefits of software solutions

Businesses often use generic solutions which are easy to come by and it is much easier to educate your employees on how to use them. Softwares that can be used in various industries are great but limiting in terms of adapting them to your company. For certain companies, you won’t need some of the features it offers, and for some, there might not be enough. Every industry is specific and it requires different approaches and solutions. Tailor-made products or services seem to be the way to go and there is a rise in demand for such solutions, not only for internal usage but also for reaching your customers and clients.

We all know that if you have a great website or an app, you are already more interesting to customers than your competition. In an online world, the appearance of your online presence is important. Functionality and speediness to deliver information and results are highly appreciated and those factors affect the success of your online presence. But, everyone is online today, right? What is the added value of this? How will customers or clients benefit from that?

By creating a software solution that will solve either customers’ or your business’s problems, you can impact the end value you deliver. The experience of customers’ interaction with your company, product, or service is the driving force of added value creation. It is harder than ever to attract and retain customers, and by offering something more we can increase our chances of doing so. Long gone are the days when you just had to offer a new product or service and the customers would come running. There is a whole lot more to that, activities and solutions that surpass the traditional marketing and sales efforts. Getting support from a digital solution, not just in the way of communication with the end-user, will play a role in how strategic decisions are made. Having a solid solution that can grow with market demands and your business will be a basis for future developments.

What is beneficial from these solutions is that they provide insights and metrics. They generate and store data that could be used to make strategic decisions and to discover certain patterns in behaviour. If you work in sales or marketing, then you know that you live of data. Metrics are your go-to tool when you need to review the results of your actions and when you have to make adjustments. Also, your market research just got bigger and better. These are information on your customers and clients that are accurate and in real-time. If the information is correct, future actions and data management will be more precise. Marketers could adjust their marketing campaigns based on that information, and sales teams could more easily do segmentation and tailor their approach to sales tactics. Knowing your market is what businesses are based on.

Whether you collect your data from Google Analytics, from your website, or any other analytical tool, you know how important that information is. So, if you have an additional solution with its own data collection process, imagine the possibilities there. That’s a source of information that can provide meaningful insights and based on that you can create graphical data representations, calculate metrics, recognize patterns and trends. There is so much you can do with data collected from your own sources. And if the solution manages to draw data from other sources, your insights will become more relevant and precise.

Another perk is that having a solid solution can lead to generating ideas for new products and services. Perhaps, you come to recognize a new market segment or a need on the market that hasn’t been fulfilled yet. You may also get input on how to improve existing products or services. Or opportunities to improve your whole business process, whether you have production or not, can be pointed out. It’s a whole new world of opportunities to maximize your strengths and potential.

There is a slight drawback to this. You want a perfect product, a perfect software solution that will leave no room for errors. But, creating and maintaining a solid software solution takes time, energy, money, and resources. It is something that has to have continuous maintenance and upgrades. This is not a one-and-done solution, because in time, and with how technology advances, it can become obsolete and unattractive to its users. So, you have to be careful while listing your goals and demands for such solutions. You have to think ahead to define what you want to achieve and which problems you want to solve. Is your web, mobile, or software solution oriented to customers and clients or towards employees? Do you want to collect data for internal use, to provide data to customers, or both? Having a clear objective in your mind is a starting point for your decision.

The verdict

No matter how you look at it, it is obvious that we are living in an ever-evolving technological world. Businesses grow alongside these advances and innovations, and you really cannot afford to stay behind. Various departments in your company could benefit from the introduction of softwares. It will also help develop a competitive advantage while allowing you to have access to information that could help you improve your business processes and customer or client relations. Being up-to-date as a company is going to become your strength and the way how you diversify yourself on the market.

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