Igloo small talk – Lovro

Igloo small talk – Lovro

android developer

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We love introducing our team members to the world, especially young and aspiring ones like Lovro, our Android developer. With a couple of questions, we set off to find out more about him and what he loves about his work.

Tell us who you are and what you do in Deegloo.

I’m Lovro Kerečeni, Android developer.

What does your typical day look like?

Every morning I usually wake up at 6:30 because when I’m working from home I need to give my little dog breakfast 🐶. So I have that habit when I’m in Zagreb too. I start the day with coffee and breakfast and I’m usually at work at 8:30. First, I check my Slack to see if anyone left me a message when I was away. Then I check my tasks and start to work on them. Sometimes I spend a few hours on education.

What made you decide to develop your career in this field?

From a very young age, I was interested in how each application was made and how it works in the background. Most of them were computer games when I was a kid. When I was 14 years old I started learning to code. My first works were multiplayer game modes for one game. That passion came to the forefront at the end of high school, after which I decided to enroll in the Faculty of software engineering.  I learned android programming there and it was the most interesting field for me.

What drives you in your work?

First of all, I do what I love. As a junior developer, many things are new for me and challenging. So because of that, my job is really interesting. Also, I really like the feeling when a problem is solved. That recharges my energy as well as some of the funny stories of colleagues from the office (I love the great atmosphere).

What’s the best part about your position?

Every day is a new challenge and it never gets boring. Also, the best part is my colleagues — they are awesome!

What don’t you like about your job?

When I don’t have any comments written on the design of the app and need to dig for information that I need to display on the screen (no offense to designers 😄).

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in your career or what ups moment you had?

I’ve had no big mistakes in 3 months of work here. There were no ups moments, but I have an “up” moment and that is that I found a great job.

What drives you crazy about your job or your daily activities?

When I know what’s happening but don’t know how to solve the problem.

Which technology/tech stack do you like the most?

Hmmm, It’s really hard to decide between Kotlin and Flutter. I like both of them but Kotlin is more developed. Maybe that’s why I like Jetpack Compose a lot. 😄

What advice would you give to someone entering this field?

Keep working and believe in yourself! You are your own hero!

Do you have any funny or interesting stories that happened here in the company?

Our team building in Rizvan City is one great and funny two-day story. ❤️

Your favorite person to work with?

I like working with Patrik because as a team leader he is always there and he gives me very good tips.

If you can compare your job to one movie or show, what would it be?

Breaking Bad — every day you are “cooking” something new.

If you can choose one song to go along with your job or which would make you be really in the zone while working, what would it be?

Animal Drive – Tower of Lies (I Walk Alone) — nothing can make me get in the zone while working better than great riffs and vocals 🤘🏻

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