Operations monitoring platform

My Dairy Dashboard

An output production software that tracks the production process of dairy farms across the US and helps make impactful decisions.

The cross-functional development team consisted of

  • Project manager
  • Backend developers
  • Frontend developers
  • Designer
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Data engineers

My Dairy Dashboard is a platform created for farm operations management and control. Tons of data are generated daily, and My Dairy Dashboard helps users to get the most out of it. This software solution connects and visualizes dairy data so that dairy producers and their advisors can take action on the right things faster.

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The solution is designed to collect and transform data from multiple sources and streams in one unified dashboard. It provides real-time data on farm operations and daily activities, so users can make decisions more quickly and efficiently. My Dairy dashboard collects data on milk, feed, herd, weather, and price to show trends, movements, and discrepancies in business processes.



Java, Java Spring Boot
C# (Windows service)
Puppeteer scrapers
Cucumber testing



Quality Assurance

Automated testing with Cypress


Vertica, Apache Ignite, PostgreSQL
Pentaho Data Integration
Bash, Python


My Dairy Dashboard provides data consolidation and KPI calculation so users don’t have to go through many various spreadsheets with different data formats and waste time on additional manual calculations and data interpretation. This software solution is based on visualization so the right information is presented through graphs, charts, and tables for easier understanding and KPI reporting and simplification.


Based on the client’s needs we prepared the functional requirements and digital design.  Functionalities were developed in a series of two-week SCRUM sprints which ended with a demo session where a client was presented with the new work with the primary goal of getting feedback and confirmation from the client.

The infrastructure was mainly designed in the AWS ecosystem, but we also developed .NET services for data extraction which run on PCs on dairy farms.

The quality of the solution has been ensured by code reviews, integration testing, and manual and automated QA testing.

Alongside web development, we have also been working on the data engineering components. We had to work closely with a client’s business and data team to understand complex business logic and data processing and analysis processes. Based on their specifications we have helped them develop a data warehouse, data pipelines, data mart, and data synchronization processes. All processes had to be tested with sample datasets to ensure their validity and performance.


Meetings with client
Business analysis
Writing specifications


Quality assurance
Data pipelines


Implementing improvements
Maintaining data infrastructure


My Dairy Dashboard is an enterprise software solution created to uplift and simplify the production process of raw materials. It gives complete control of input production while simultaneously involving each stakeholder to ensure maximum operational efficiency. The solution is adaptable to any production industry where the management of large amounts of data defines its success.


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