In three stages we architect, design, and develop software while devoting all our attention to cover every detail.


We are very serious about understanding as much as possible up front before even a single line of code is written. We will put all our effort into the discovery phase to ensure successful product development.

Architecture and design process

With all product requirements in hand, we will architect a solution using the best tools and resources available. Simultaneously, we will create mock-ups and designs alongside you, always making sure we are on the same page!


Once all previous stages have been completed, no setbacks or inconveniences can arise as our favorite part begins: the development phase! Contributing to this smooth process is a team with years of experience and a polished skillset, armed with different know-how’s the implementation process is covered from start to finish.

Our projects

Here are some examples of projects
we are extremely proud of
and have contributed to the product’s overall success.


My Dairy Dashboard

My Dairy Dashboard is a web-based platform that connects and visualizes your dairy data from multiple sources so you can see key trends easily and make better decisions faster.

Project details

Managing a farm can be a demanding job. Tons of data is generated on daily basis and My Dairy Dashboard helps you to get the most out of it. My Dairy Dashboard connects and visualizes dairy data so that dairy producers and their advisors can take action on the right things faster.

Our team is working on the My Dairy Dashboard product and is involved in bringing valuable tools in hands of one of the largest dairy farms in the United States.

Test-driven development

Key Features

  • AggregatesConnects and Visualizes data from multiple sources
  • Allows data sharing with NutritionistsVeterinariansConsultants and other people of interest
  • Print and Export data with ease
  • First livestock- oriented company to become Ag Data Transparent certified
  • 2017 Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award

Mobile Manifest

Mobile application that provides electronic tracking of milk movement from farm to plant, which consequently eliminates the need for paper-based manifests.

Project details

Using paper-based manifests in the milk movement process has proven to be slow, error-prone, complex, and inefficient.

Mobile Manifest solves these problems by uniting familiar devices such as smartphones and world-class software. The system provides a solution for real-time validation, acquisition, and processing of data associated with raw milk manifests.

It uses mobile web technology as the user interface to provide real-time data validation and acquisition, and a data processing module to record individual farm pickup records, assemble full manifests, and route data to the appropriate external systems.

Key Features

  • Real-time data availability
  • Increased speed and higher data quality
  • Minimized initial investment

Dairy Revenue Protection

Dairy Revenue Protection solution offers insurance against unexpected declines in the quarterly revenue from milk sales when compared to a guaranteed coverage level.

Project details

A data-driven insurance solution based on the Monte Carlo simulation and includes multiple factors such as location (State), milk production level, milk quality, insurance period, and coverage levels.

It insures against unpredictable milk sales revenue drops, caused by yield or price drops, by covering the difference between quarter-based final revenue guarantee and actual milk revenue.

Key Features

  • Estimates premiums
  • Protects revenue against unexpected declines
  • Pricing options based on class and component

Producer Forward Contracting

Forward Contracting Tracker is a web-based tool enabling Futures and Options trading based on managed Forward Contract Programs.

Project details

Forward contracting is a way for producers to set prices for milk to be delivered in the future. Producers manage risk without the cash outlay of maintaining their own futures account. It is an arrangement between producers and cooperatives/plants.

In almost all cases, the milk buyer desires an off-set commitment by taking an offsetting position in the futures and options marker or the OTC market.

Forward Contracting Tracker is a cloud-based tool that enables FC Program management, month-end reports, pulling daily market prices, producer interaction, and order execution to find the “best fill”.

Key Features

  • Manage Forward Contracting programs
  • Manage Users, Co-ops and Patrons
  • Place pooled and non-pooled futures orders (to the CME)
  • Dashboard view to manage hedge balance, buy or sell Options
  • Month-end reporting