Senior Backend Developer

Is backend your strong suit and Java is your power up?

Job description

For our projects, we are looking for an experienced Senior Backend Developer for a full-time, hybrid, or remote position to join our digital igloo. You’re the right person for this if you have experience working on projects from start to finish while overseeing a team, and you breathe and live Java.

You’ll work on projects related to enterprise mobile and web solutions for the supply chain. If you are motivated and ambitious to uplift your skills and you love keeping up with technology trends, then you will be a great addition to our team.

Who are we looking for


  • Experience working as a Senior Backend Java Developer
  • Great proficiency in English
  • Proven ability to oversee a team of developers
  • At least six months of experience as a Tech Lead or Senior Engineer on the project
  • Experience in Java, Spring Boot, JUnit, Cucumber, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Amazon Web Services, Git

Your responsibilities:

  • Development of new features and maintenance of the existing ones
  • Deployment of the implemented features to the test and prod environments
  • Proactive communication with team and clients
  • Providing support to junior and mid developers
  • Suggest and participate in software architecture

What can you expect?

At Deegloo we are focused on creating and delivering enterprise solutions that help companies achieve excellence and high operational efficiency. Our goal is to create complex solutions that will grow alongside these companies and accompany them in their journey of acquiring a competitive advantage. Your role will be to help us achieve our goals and to be a part of a group of ambitious people that want to be the go-to team for enterprise solutions.

What we expect of you is to evolve and grow with us, to share our passion, and our excitement in creating new high-quality digital products. We want you to find your purpose with us, tell us your goals, and let us help you in achieving them.

So join us on the journey of creating exciting software!

P.S. Hurry up, we are processing applications as they arrive!

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Projects you will work on:

Mobile Manifest

Mobile Manifest, a transportation management solution, is a mobile enterprise application created to digitalize and optimize the transportation process in the commodities supply chain. It is used by haulers to load the goods and track their status at the moment of loading while filling out the necessary paperwork only once in the app itself. On a monthly basis, it creates over 10.000 manifests or digitalized documents that accompany the transportation process all over the US. 

It’s an innovative solution that provides real-time data (that can be accessed instantly), makes paper trails obsolete, minimizes errors, and simplifies the transportation process.

You will work on a solution that makes the transportation process more cohesive and quicker, especially in an industry dealing with perishable goods. Your work will enable a large number of users to reduce costs in their supply chain, track their load from farm to plant, and have an overview of all data.

The technologies that are behind the solution are Java and Spring Boot.

Enhanced Scheduling

Enhanced Scheduling is a supply chain management system created to connect supply, demand, and haulers on the same platform. The main premise of this enterprise solution is that suppliers can offer commodities or goods directly to their customers or buyers. Suppliers set the quantity and price of goods they want to sell, and buyers enter the same and some other details, in the end, they get matched. This web enterprise solution brings the commodities market to one platform that matches supply and demand.

Under this project, we are developing a custom framework that generates the entire UI interface based on HATEOAS principles and the custom JSON schema received from the backend. It’s a unique project that is starting from scratch and this framework will be one of a kind.

The development process is based on the SCRUM methodology and will have meetings to help us sync on what needs to be done within a sprint. 

The technologies that are behind the solution are Java and Spring Boot.

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How to apply and our selection process:
  1. Send us your CV and your cover letter to get in touch.
  2. We will arrange an interview with you, in person or online. We review your application and get back to you in a matter of days.
  3. Come and meet us and the company, where you will talk with the team lead and HR. You will have a Technical and Cultural fit interview, but this is your opportunity to assess us as well!
  4. After the interview, we send you a job proposal and prepare everything for you to join our team.
We can offer you:
  • interesting projects with architectural and other challenges
  • a friendly and welcoming environment with good interpersonal communication
  • MacBook Pro and a 4k monitor
  • flexible working hours, paid personal days, hybrid or remote workplace 
  • compensation package based on your level of experience and value provided
  • an educational budget for any books you would like to read or certificates you would like to apply for
  • supplementary health insurance & health checks
  • birthday voucher, multisport