The right path to knowledge transfer in software development

knowledge transfer

Often, development companies will face multiple changes inside the organization, whether it’s about new projects, shifting developers from one project to another, or employees leaving or coming, one thing is for certain. A proper knowledge transfer management system has to be implemented to turn these changes into a positive experience led by progress and not […]

Igloo small talk – Luka

frontend developer

Making a career switch is not easy, but this is what Luka did when he decided to switch from an economy field to web development. As a Frontend developer, he found his calling, so jump into small bits and pieces about himself, his work, and his usual work day. Tell us who you are and […]

Pair programming – to do or not to do

pair programming

A term so well-known among the software development community. Some swear by it, some hate it. Nonetheless, most of the developers tried it at some point. Pair programming brings benefits to some, but also trepidations to others. It is something software development companies try to do when they encounter a complex task or want more […]

How to avoid the FOMO effect in software development


With a new year approaching, we will see more and more articles on new trends in the industry and all the new shiny bling that should bring software development to another level. Often, all the new trends do bring some sort of prosperity and advances. But, this happens only when they are utilized properly. FOMO […]

How to handle change requests and establish a change management system

change management

Software development is a dynamic process, as we all know. It is far from static as it can be. Not one software will be the same, and as such, the process of developing one will differ. Even though we can establish SDLCs and follow some structured approaches, changes are bound to happen. Change requests are […]

Golden Path – for software development and anything else

golden path

It almost doesn’t matter what we are talking about, but often standardizations and guidelines make our life easier. You don’t need to search for answers on your own and spend a lot of time on it. A lot of time, we are happy if there is an outlined path with clear signage and instructions, a […]

Igloo small talk – Patrik

full-stack developer

As a team lead and a full-stack developer, Patrik has his hands full. But he still dedicated some time to showing you his world and what his day looks like in our company. So, deep dive into what makes him tick and how he decided to jump into this career. Tell us who you are […]

How to kill knowledge silos in your dev teams

knowledge silos

If you followed our Digital Poirots, you have most definitely heard of data silos. An occurrence where all data is centralized in one place without allowing others access to it. Almost the same characteristics apply to knowledge silos. The principles are the same and you might imagine where this is going. But, we’ll get onto […]

React Testing Library – a quick overview

React Testing Library

React Testing Library is a part of the Testing Library (@testing-library) family of packages.The Testing Library helps us test the UI of our applications in a user-focused way, with its core library being the DOM Testing Library from which all other libraries within that family branch out or interact with. It is not specific to […]

The good and the bad of 10x, rockstar, superstar, or 100x developers


When employing developers, as a company you will always strive to get the best. There has never been a more significant trend to employ senior developers with great experience who could lead projects and teams like they’re a piece of cake. Finding that unicorn of a developer is like finding the pot of gold at […]