The Manifest Names Deegloo As One of The Most Reviewed Software Developers in Croatia

The Manifest Names Deegloo As One of The Most Reviewed Software Developers in Croatia

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Software development is one of the most ubiquitous industries in the online world, therefore one of the most competitive. It takes a special team to first get the attention of people in the market, and even more so to make a lasting positive impression on them.

This is exactly why we’re proud to share that this is exactly what we’ve done. This is because we’ve been named as one of the most reviewed and recommended software developers in Croatia by The Manifest. You can officially find us in the list of Top 100 software developers in Croatia. Being among the top and some of the biggest companies in this market means that our hard work and efforts paid of.

The Manifest is a company list blog website whose goal is to make service providers more accessible to client companies that need their skills. They do this by creating rankings of the top performers in various industries which work hand-in-hand with their awards program.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partners for the effort they put into helping us achieve this unique milestone. Their initiative in publishing reviews of our work has led to more attention and more projects for our team, allowing us to gain recognition within the industry. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their contributions.

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without our Deegloo and Digital Poirots team. Each project, each task, was done only because of their ingenuity, dedication, and hard work. Our team plays the most important role in our company and they are the biggest value we have. This recognition is their win.

The goal we’ve set for ourselves moving forward is to carry over all this positive energy and goodwill into next year and give ourselves a springboard to start 2023 right. We aim to continue providing the best possible experience for all the businesses that decide to partner with us and achieve great results together. We hope that our projects always bring the same value to our clients and that their businesses benefit from them as well.

Learn more about our services and why so many people are giving us so much positive attention by visiting our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you get an idea for your next project. We love working with visionaries and helping bring their ideas to life.

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