Visualization and reporting solution

A visualization solution that brings analytics to life. 


There is such a thing as too much data. For a client dealing with a complex supply chain, we resolved that issue. Disconnected analytical tools used by different departments brought in a lot of data, metrics and numbers, often providing conflicting insights that make decision-making more difficult . Deegloo put a stop to that with our data visualisation tool consolidating different analytics into easy-to-read dashboards. The solution helps spot errors, discrepancies, disruptions, or opportunities in business.

Our approach was to represent complex data in an easy, understandable way so the clients wouldn’t have to go through endless data sets to discover what’s important to them. By spotlighting outliers and showing which KPIs are standing out from the rest, we made it easy for our client to focus their efforts on the most impactful business activities. 



  • Workshops
  • Client interviews
  • Data assessment
  • Data validation
  • Project planning


  • Data collection and consolidation
  • Data charts creation
  • Creating visualizations and reports
  • Visualization and reports creation
  • Solution presentation


  • Data scientists
  • Data engineers

Project duration:

  • 3 months


  • DWH + no-code visualizations
  • Data engineering
  • Data warehousing

Project goal:

  • Create an easy to use solution
  • Give insights into KPI movements
  • Represent complex data in a simple and understandable way
  • To identify outliers
  • To discover actionable insights


Pentaho Data Integration
pentahoArtboard 1pentaho


  • Visualization of analytics
  • Combined data and reporting in one place for visualization that allows filtering by multiple criteria
  • Data accessibility through visualization (data transparency)


  • Combining multiple data sources in the visualization solution
  • Making reporting and visualization simpler
  • Enabling multiple filtering at once?
  • Automated, near real-time generation of visual representations of data and analytics


A visualization solution can be developed from scratch to be fully adapted for a single source of data, or it can be made in Tableau which gives semi-finished options. Depending on the needs of the user, it can be made custom where graphs, charts, or maps are made to fit certain criteria on looks and feel. The Tableau approach is much quicker since it uses pre-made visuals and it can combine multiple data criteria and reports in one. 

In our case, we used custom and Tableau approaches, combining best practices suited for our clients’ business needs. That sped up the delivery by using ready-made solutions where applicable, while still ensuring the clarity and usefulness of reports.


Our approach combined web and mobile development with data to bring information to life through visualization. It enabled detecting oversights in the supply chain by combining data from a dispatching platform and a tracking platform.

Clients’ main challenge was the number of activities to track in their supply chain. It’s a common occurrence in complex systems with many interconnecting links that make tracking and reporting a very difficult and often manual process. By visualising key events in the chain, we helped with detecting areas for improvement, and saved time in deciding where to focus analytical and operational effort. 

Data visualization enabled detailed, more precise and faster planning of activities. By having a clear view of entire supply chain, including dispatch discipline, plant performance, detention tracking, and goods movement it got easier to detect any anomalies. In dispatch discipline, a client can now see when a certain hauler is called for loading or unloading. They can also easily visualize the distribution or detect when intervals of loading and unloading are higher. According to that, dispatchers can organize haulers to spread them out so the waiting time is lower.


Visualized analytics all in one place

Less manual work

Reduced costs

Keeps track of the whole supply chain 


Operations monitoring platform

// My Dairy Dashboard

A data analytics software that aggregates, connects, and visualizes data from multiple sources.


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