We survived Job Fair at FER

We survived Job Fair at FER

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Job Fair at FER was held on May 11th and 12th, and like any other company that works in software development and data, we had to be there. 

It was the hottest place to be (literally and figuratively). Being there was a great opportunity to present our companies, Deegloo and Digital Poirots, and make connections with other companies and students. It was a hub of professionals and those that are just stepping into that role. A place where we all wanted to realize our personal and professional goals.

What is Job Fair

Job Fair is a great place for students to make rounds and get to know a lot of companies in one place. They can find out, firsthand, which companies are out there, what are their profiles, what technologies they work in, and what are the hottest job opportunities. Also, they got tips and tricks on which courses and classes to take that could direct them in their professional development. By talking with various company representatives they could’ve found out the best next steps in their careers, where they should specialize, and what skills are most sought after. This was also an opportunity for them to find out about open positions and take the advantage of applying to them. 

What we think was beneficial for students was listening about real-life situations and projects. We were surprised, pleasantly, that so many of them are interested in data-driven projects and that our Digital Poirots were a hit. It really showed that the future lies in data.

The students and others showed their passion and curiosity by defying the hot conditions of this Job Fair and their will was adamant. How they managed to go through so many companies and hold lengthy conversations in those conditions shows that they are dedicated to developing themselves professionally. Well, all the free swag helped a bit. 😉

For both the students and the companies, those two days presented a challenge. And we all answered that challenge by pressing through and enjoying each conversation we had. We cannot emphasize enough how much we loved sharing our passion while listening to what moves and pushes those students forward. That’s a whole new generation of people that gave a different and brighter outlook on the world. 

For us, as a company, it’s always great to present what we do and how we do it. We love getting insights into how we are viewed and what might be our greatest advantage. This guides us in discovering what are the trends and most liked technologies among students, which in turn helps us define our future strategy and vision. Not only did we also get the chance to network with other companies, but we managed to form connections and share experiences. 

Lessons learned

But what are the lessons we learned? We think we can sum them up in a few points:

  1. Prepare yourself to lose your voice. Conversations were plenty and in two days we presented our companies’ profiles in a loop. But in all fairness, we enjoyed every bit of it. And remember, drink lots of water to stay hydrated. We’ve learned our lesson there.
  2. Bring more ducks. Our little blue rubber duckies were a massive hit. Since they serve as trusty listeners when you are stuck on a problem, we believe that students going through exams needed the duckie as support. And we fully embrace the power of the blue duck to help anyone in need.
  3. Keep it cool even when it’s hot. Nothing could’ve prepared us for the hot weather, but everyone in that hall powered through like a champ and managed to maximize all the benefits of this event. We left no questions unanswered.
  4. Prepare for the unexpected. We didn’t know what to expect, and with every little glitch, we learned just to go with the flow. Something doesn’t work? Okay, regroup, change your approach. And you know what? After that, everything works.

To sum it up, Job Fair 2022 was a success in our books. The people we’ve met and the experiences we shared were great. This opportunity to share not only what we do, but our culture as well, brought us a bit closer to students. Their ambitions are inspiring and we loved seeing them approach us with a plethora of questions. Hopefully, they got everything they wanted from attending the Job Fair, and it brought them closer to realizing their career goals.

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